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Division of General Services

Major services:

1. Maintaining the campus public environment.
2. Planning & operating purchasing process for campus architecture and construction projects.
3. Management of auditoriums.
4. Supervising the operation of contracting-out cafeterias, dining halls, and retail outlets.
5. Dispatching vehicles for official use.
6. In charge of campus parking cards.
7. In charge of labour and health insurance affairs.



Job Title:Chief


Campus Phone:5226





1.1 Campus Security

Major services:

1. Maintaining the campus safety and transportation order.
2. Controlling the main entrances of the campus.
3. Enforcing campus parking rules and traffic regulations.
4. Responding to all medical, fire and criminal emergency reports on campus.
5. Providing essential rescue services in emergency situations.


Wang, Chun-Yu

Job Title:Captain

Name:Wang, Chun-Yu

Campus Phone:5230