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Division of Environment Health & Safety

Major services:

1. Monitoring environmental protection and occupational safety and hygiene on campus.
2. Providing training courses related to environmental safety and hygiene issues on campus.
3. Managing the disposal and treatment of toxic and hazardous wastes.
4. Enforcing the plans about emergency measures, fire and radiation safety management.
5. To prepare a detailed occupational accident prevention plan, and guide the related departments to   implement it.
6. To do any other matters related to labour safety and health management.

The mission of the center:
1. To push forth the education of environmental protection and occupational safety and hygiene, including   many training courses.
2. To elevate the quality of the working environment of laboratories and internship facilities.
3. The preventing, monitoring, and controlling of campus pollutions, including laboratory wastes collection   and disposal.
4. The directing and enforcing of plans to elevate the quality of campus surroundings, for example,   improvement of laboratory ventilation.
5. The directing, suggesting and enforcing of disaster prevention and occupational safety hygiene plans,   including on-site inspections and health examinations.
6. The directing and enforcing of other environmental protection and occupational safety hygiene plans.


Chen, Yueh-Chi

Job Title:Director

Name:Yang, Yuan-Chang

Campus Phone:5231


Yang, Yuan-Chang

Job Title:Administrator

Name:Chen, Yueh-Chi

Campus Phone:5232