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Thank you for visiting the General Affairs Division Home Page.

The General Affairs Division (GAD) provides comprehensive general services to the NFU campus with a wide range of variety, supporting the normal operation of schools, and enhancing the high quality environment in teaching, research, and living.

GAD is trying its best to simplify the administration procedures, to streamline the administration of manpower, to computerize the administration task, and to reduce costs. GAD uses ISO procedures to make the quality of all work and services much better, and offers a complete and integrated support service to all its customers.

The primary goals of the General Affairs Division are to:

* Establish the concept of respecting customers. Enhance and development the ability of management to provide a better and more efficient service.

* Our aim of service is: "positive, innovation, quality, efficiency"

* Establish the green sustainable campus: "being ecological, abatement of litter, recycling, and saving energy"

There are 6 sections in GAD to execute a variety of missions to maintain the daily function in campus. They are Division of General Services, Division of Construction and Maintenance, Division of Property Management, Division of Cashier, Division of Documentation, and Division of Environment Health & Safety.

Currently, GAD is headed by Yan, Yi-Ho, associate professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Dean’s Profile

 ● Name

 Yan, Yi-Ho


 Associate Professor



 Administration Building, 4F
Main campus, No. 64, Wen-hua Road, Hu-Wei 63208


 +886-5-631 5200


 Ph.D., National Sun Yet-Sen University

 ●Research   nterests

 Power Systems, Power Electronics


Dr. Yi-Ho Yan

Job Title:Dean

Name:Dr. Yi-Ho Yan

Campus Phone:5220

Service Items:Administrating and managing the Office of General Affairs.



Dr. Siu-Tsen Shen

Job Title:Secretary

Name:Dr. Siu-Tsen Shen

Campus Phone:5202

Service Items:Supervising the Divisions of Cashier, and Documentation.



Mei-Chin Lin

Job Title:Members

Name:Mei-Chin Lin

Campus Phone:5201

Service Items:Managing reception, e-mail responses, meeting schedules, and routine paper-keeping works.